Time management essentials when you work from home

Working from home has become the ‘new normal’ for many of us. The pandemic has shifted our perspective on work-life, and most of us just love to work with our PJs on comfortably at ease. Working from home can enhance your performance, productivity, freedom, flexibility, and personality. But most of us find it hard to bring about a work-life balance because you are always at your house. This can create problems with either your work life as you end up bingeing on a show or your personal life as you are working full time trying to meet your deadlines.

Here, we have sorted out some of the best time-management measures to bring balance to your personal and work life.

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  1. Set specific work hours- Though flexibility is a convenience when it comes to working from home, it is always important to set aside particular hours of your day for work. For instance, if you are a morning person, you can work from 6am to 12 am. Always inform your clients about your work hours so that they can schedule their meetings based on that.
  2. Have a permanent workspace- If you are someone who works from your living room or bedroom, you might find that you are wasting time as you engage in other tasks or end up watching television. This can be brought to an end by having a permanent workspace. It could be a spare room or a corner of your room with comfortable furniture.
  3. Create a to-do list – Having your work listed down beforehand can be a great timesaver. You can prepare your do list the night before going to bed. Using a planner can help you keep track of your deadlines and priorities. You can always rely on applications like Trello and Basecamp for managing your projects.
  4. Create a routine and follow it- Having an organised lifestyle can save a lot of time. You will have enough time for your personal and work life. Including exercise and meditation into your routine can enhance your productivity.
  5. Make use of time management applications- There are several applications available for free on the Play Store and App store that can help you stay focused, and keep track of time spent on each task. This can help minimise distractions. Applications like Harvest, Rescue Time and Toggle are different applications that can keep track of time.
  6. Avoid spending time on social media – Try to stay away from social media or set aside some time to use social media. They are time suckers and can wreck your time management plan.

By bringing about some changes in your lifestyle, you can make maximum benefit out of your work from home time. Review your priorities, make a plan, and accelerate your career from home.

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