The Power of Micromovements

Have you ever found it challenging, and possibly too overwhelming, to complete a task, so you decided not to do it?

Well, it happens to the best of us. It could be doing all your monthly filing, your tax admin or organising your closet or house. When we look at things as one huge task, we might feel too overwhelmed to start, let alone complete! So, how can you accomplish those mighty tasks while not being put off by the sheer magnitude of them?

The best way to do so is by dividing your tasks into smaller, teeny tiny ones. You can complete these teeny tiny tasks without any complications, because they’re so small. Through this, you’ll be able to reach your final goal with ease.

Let’s take an example. Maria had to complete a huge amount of paperwork by the end of the month. Like any other person, she procrastinated as she felt that it would be impossible to complete it. By the time it came to her deadline, she was unable to achieve her goal. In fact she was daunting by the amount she needed to do she had hardly started!

So, how could she have managed this differently?

For starters, Maria could have divided her goal into smaller achievable milestones and then worked her way up. By doing so, she might not have felt it as an impossible task. By creating a plan and curating SMART goals, she could have stayed on track.

Let’s have a look at these factors in detail.


Regardless of the job you are planning to take up, you must create an efficient plan. Through this, you can work on completing your work on time. While you are planning, you need to evaluate your goals. Set SMART goals, which means that they have to be Specific, Manageable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-centric.

Based on this, create smaller milestones. It will help you to get around with your work. Creating a to-do list, having a planner, relying upon a time and task management app can all be helpful for you to attain progress.


While you get through your day-to-day tasks, you have to prioritise them based on the time required to complete them, urgency, and other factors. Based on that, you will have a clear awareness of when to finish a task. It will help you to be on track. You can make this division while you work on your to-do list.

Managing Time

Once you have prioritised your tasks, it is time for you to manage your time accordingly. A time management app can help you achieve progress with ease. You can keep track of where you are in completing the process.

With these apps or by using the calendar feature available on your phone, you can ensure that you are achieving progress over time. Through this, you can also analyse if your strategies are working, and you can change them if they are not.

Working according to your plan and analysing progress

Creating a plan can be easy, the challenge is keeping up with it and completing it on time. (I LOVE making plans, queen of planning. LOVE. My battle is sticking to it. I’m all about the creation) You can evaluate your performance daily and see if you are on track. If you have a planner or a task management app, remove those you have finished.

By taking small steps, also known as micro movements, you will achieve more without the overwhelm 😉 You may also increase your productivity and efficiency by doing so.

Ensure that you are dividing your goals and creating a manageable plan that you can accomplish. Since we’re all unique, you must design one that works best for you and always remember: A big journey begins with small steps!

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