Pet Peeves for Great Lifestyle Management

You wouldn’t think that your pet peeves might be useful, and you definitely wouldn’t guess that they might help you get a job. I didn’t think so either, until I noticed a trend in the DDIY office – my colleagues and I all seem to have the same pet peeves!

What’s more, I realised that it was these quirky (some may say irritating – call them what you will) little traits of ours that make us good at what we do.


Here are the most common DDIY pet peeves:


– Pet peeve: people who are late.

     Why this is good: we thrive on deadlines and we’re always on time for meetings!


– Pet peeve: people who are late AND don’t warn us that they’re going to be late until after they’re already late. Honestly, who has the time for time-wasters?

     Why this is good: if by any chance we do run into unexpected problems that may delay us, we let our clients know in advance, and we expect our suppliers to show the same respect towards our clientele that we do.


– Pet peeve: suppliers who don’t keep us updated. If a client needs us to outsource a specialised service for them, we want to know what’s happening every step of the way.

     Why this is good: when you place your trust in our hands, we want to honour that trust and keep you updated on the process of your personal errand.


– Pet peeve: people who say they’re going to do things…and then don’t.

     Why this is good: when we say we’re on it, trust us, we’re on it.

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