List of Items for Survival in the Office

My first day on the job, I arrived armed with a brand-spanking new pencil case from Typo and my sable Moleskine diary. I quickly realised that this would not be enough to cut it in the Office Jungle.

Over the next few weeks I gathered an assortment of can’t-work-withouts. Here is a list of the things that you’ll always find somewhere in my draws (except for that one time after a particularly stressful day when the sweets ran out):


  • Secret stash of sweets (because I’m a stress eater).
  • Not-so-secret stash of sweets (to use as bribery on co-workers when necessary).
  • Sticky notes (to leave on my sandwich in the fridge. Also to take emergency memos).
  • Huge mug (because the tiny kitchen cups won’t cut it if I’m to continue feeding my caffeine habit).
  • Tea bags and Nescafe easy-mix cappuccino sachets (to avoid the catastrophe of an office kitchen out of its coffee stock).
  • Tissues (to prevent being glared at by co-workers when allergy season strikes).
  • Wet-wipes (so that the neat-freak in me doesn’t have a panic attack after arriving every morning to a desk coated in a fresh layer of dust – for which I can thank the construction team next door).
  • External hard drive (because God forbid the office computer crashes and I’m left having to explain why I can’t hand in that thingy I was supposed to hand in twenty minutes ago).


If I had to choose just one, I’d probably go with sweets and coffee – I clearly have my priorities straight.


What about you? Do you have a list of items that you hate to be without at the office?

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