DDIY Magic Tricks: Lessons Learned by a Lifestyle Management Assistant

We recently had quite the giggle in the DDIY office.

Usually, when a guest stays at one of the Airbnb properties that we manage, we are there to greet them with a welcome package and hand over the keys, and then collect the keys and see them out on their departure.

On this particular occasion, our client lent his home to a couple of friends while he was away. We didn’t need to check them in our out, but we did have to pick up the keys after they left.

On arriving to collect the keys – from the post box, as specified – we discovered that, while the keys had correctly been dropped into the post box, which was then locked for safety, they had also gone and dropped the key to open the post box INSIDE the post box.

I mean I don’t want to judge but… WHAT!?

I, of course, was ready to find bolt cutters to break that baby out of there.

Bronwyn, however, whipped out a wire hanger with some prestik and a giant magnet attached to the end of it while I looked on at this rabbit-hat trick with amusement.

She stuck the wire through the gap in the post box, fiddled it around a bit, and then pulled it out with the keys firmly attached to the magnet. No locksmith needed.

Of course, you might wonder what kind of crazy woman is conveniently ready to pull wire, prestik, and a giant magnet out of her handbag, but I learnt a valuable lesson. First, that my boss is a genius (only minimal sycophancy intended), and second, that this is what it really means to be DDIY.**


** I have since installed said handy items in the boot of my car for such emergencies.

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