Bon Voyage! How to Have an Effortless holiday

School's out. The kids are at home. Your annual leave is coming up. Everyone wants to know what you're doing and where you're going. You smile and say, 'It's a surprise,' because you've been busy and haven't got a clue. And holidays are stressful - so stressful that you've been avoiding making any plans at [...]

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Rise of the Lifestyle Manager

Lifestyle management is gaining popularity as a field with something valuable to offer modern consumers. This is no accident – people of the 21st century are busier today than ever before and work-life balance is the ultimate trend. While having gained mainstream usage in hotels – as ‘concierge’ services – lifestyle management is still being [...]

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DDIY Magic Tricks: Lessons Learned by a Lifestyle Management Assistant

We recently had quite the giggle in the DDIY office. Usually, when a guest stays at one of the Airbnb properties that we manage, we are there to greet them with a welcome package and hand over the keys, and then collect the keys and see them out on their departure. On this particular occasion, [...]

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Airbnb Accommodation Management

Don’t Do It Yourself has evolved over the past few years, moving from a general errand running service to a personalised lifestyle management company. As lifestyle managers, one of our primary services is that of accommodation management. We frequently work with Airbnb – one of the world’s leading platforms for private accommodation provision. If you’re [...]

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Case Study: An Unseasonable Watermelon

The nature of this job is that there are sometimes some odd requests. Don’t Do It Yourself is a personalised lifestyle management company, and as such, we get jobs that range from grocery shopping to luxury property management. And in between that? Well, we’re here to do whatever you need done, and sometimes people have [...]

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