Bon Voyage! How to Have an Effortless holiday

School’s out. The kids are at home. Your annual leave is coming up. Everyone wants to know what you’re doing and where you’re going. You smile and say, ‘It’s a surprise,’ because you’ve been busy and haven’t got a clue. And holidays are stressful – so stressful that you’ve been avoiding making any plans at all, and now your time is nearly up. There are just too many variables; too much potential for things to go wrong… You could miss your plane, lose your passport, the kids might get sick and the dog could run away in your absence.

To combat your holiday fears, DDIY has put together a fail-safe way to ensure that your holiday gets off to a good start and stays that way.

Call DDIY with your dates and details so that we can do the following:

1. Confirm your flights, transport, accommodation and day tours.
2. Buy all your travel essentials and drop them off at your front door.
3. Help you pack. Suitcase won’t close? We’ll sit on it till it does.
4. Send you reminders to ensure that you get to the airport on time.
5. Dash to the airport if one of the kids forgets the passports.
6. See to it that your pets are looked after, your plants watered and your house alarm set.
7. Keep your admin up to date and respond to any important messages from the office so you don’t fall behind at work.
8. Be on call in case of any emergencies. Wallet lost? Bag stolen? Passport floating down the Thames? We can direct you to the Embassy, send you important contact details, and find your nearest family member.
9. Stock up your fridge and arrange a cleaning service so your home is ready for your arrival.
10. Left something behind? No worries. Whether it’s a laptop, a book, or a favourite cuddly toy, we can get it shipped back to you.

Welcome home DDIY’ers!
Now was that not your best holiday yet?

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