Airbnb Accommodation Management

Don’t Do It Yourself has evolved over the past few years, moving from a general errand running service to a personalised lifestyle management company. As lifestyle managers, one of our primary services is that of accommodation management.

We frequently work with Airbnb – one of the world’s leading platforms for private accommodation provision. If you’re thinking about travelling the world and want to rent out your property to tourists, Airbnb is a great platform to do that.

But what about when you’re too busy dealing with other things (like trying to cram that extra pair of pants into your already overflowing suitcase, and making sure that aunt Martha knows how to turn on the alarm) to effectively manage your Airbnb property? Well, that’s when you call us.

Whether you’re travelling abroad or just have other things to do, We can manage your property and accommodation service. We sort out check-ins and check-outs, oversee maintenance work when necessary, and are there to make sure your guests feel welcome on arrival.

Honestly, what would you do without us, you wonder as you sip your morning coffee. We don’t know either, future-client, we don’t know either.

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